Brad Pitt

“It was no secret Brad liked to smoke pot. He was so open and honest about it. It seemed to me all he wanted to do was smoke weed, make
movies and go to the beach,” Craig Z. Rudin, former proprietor of 2000 BC said. “He’d come into the shop all the time. He came in once and was excited about smoking with one of his very big-name co-stars. ‘We blaze (smoke pot) every day in his trailer,’ Brad boasted. He had a huge grin on his face,” Rudin said.

"Brad doesn't smoke while he's acting," Quentin said, celebrating his film's Oscar nominations. "And I don't smoke while I'm directing."

Bill Maher mentioned a party that he had been to some years ago with Pitt. He told the audience of his program that Pitt 'rolled the most perfect joints' he had ever seen.

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