Snooki - Nicole Polizzi

This hot young toker is well on her way to success and isn't ashamed of her cannabis use. Nicole was born in Santiago, Chile. Adopted when she was six months old, she was raised by her Italian parents. Nicole got her nickname, Snooki, in middle school when her friends named her after "Snookie", a male character in 'Save the Last Dance' because she was the first of her friends to kiss a boy. Wonder if she was the first of her friends to partake of the sacred herb?

It was MTV  who first introduced Snookie to the world in 'Is She Really Going Out with Him?' - a TV show that focused on women going out with obnoxious and arrogant men. 

But what really put her on the 'map' was when she became a cast member of the reality TV series, 'Jersey Shore' after she responded to a Facebook ad she saw about an audition for the program.

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