Method Man & Redman

Born Clifford Smith in Shaolin (Staten Island, NY) on Apr. 1, 1971, "Method Man" appeared on the cover of High Times in 1998  and in How High, the stoner movie with Redman in 2001. He and Redman first teamed up on Blackout! in 1999, and in 2004 they had a short-lived TV show, Method and Red, on Fox.

Born Reginald "Reggie" Noble (April 17, 1970) Redman plans to release "Blackout! 3," his third collaborative effort with Method Man, sometime next year. Additionally, Redman is writing a screenplay for a new movie starring Method Man and himself, but he said that "How High 2," the rumored follow-up to the rappers' 2001 stoner comedy, will probably never get made due to "rights and paper work."

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