Johnny Depp

In an interview with Swedish magazine Expressen, Johnny Depp claimed to have stopped using most illegal drugs. He rated different drug highs. "Opium, he said, makes you completely relaxed. It's dangerous because it's so nice. Cocaine is a strange drug… I hated cocaine." He compared absinthe to marijuana, except "if you drink too much absinthe, you suddenly realize why van Gogh cut his ear off."

"Look, I have nothing to hide," said Depp in a June 2001 interview with Film Review Magazine. "I'm not a great pothead or anything like that… but weed is much, much less dangerous than alcohol."

In an interview in the October issue of GQ magazine, Johnny Depp said that he would rather his kids get their marijuana from him than from the street.

Depp's children are currently only two and four years old. However, Depp said that if they choose to try marijuana when they are older, he'd rather be their supplier, because with street pot you don't know if you're getting buds "laced with PCP."

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