Sarah Silverman

In Sarah's book, The Bed Wetter, "I have to be honest, I have contempt for pretty much every drug other than pot. I find drunk people gross. Most people with more than one drink in them aren't giggly, goofy and happy the way people are with a puff of pot smoke in them. At a party I have so much fun stoned, flitting about, but once I sniff that first wave of drunkenness on someone, I'm out of there."

"Things I've done while not writing this book": "I smoked pot to help the creative juices flow, which resulted in looking way too closely in the mirror, being disgusted, taking pictures of my breasts in awkward but flattering positions to e-mail to manboy I've been seeing, mixing odd combination's of kitchen cabinet remnants and finding them 'fucking unbelievably delicious' and then falling asleep, face unwashed."

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