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Looking here like his stoner characters Lester Burnham in 'American Beauty' or Henry Carter in 'Shrink' gives one pause as to whether he needed to do much in depth pot smoking research for these parts.

As to the similarities between Lester Burnham and Henry Carter, Kevin Spacey said in an interview for STAGE TO SCREENS, "Well, the obvious one is that Lester also is self-medicating and smoking pot — and, quite frankly, I think that Lester was smoking much better shit," he says with a laugh.

"But I never thought that Lester gave up. Despite hating his life, his marriage, and his job, I always thought he was a winning personality. I think Carter's quite different. He embraces the muck [that he's in]. Lester lives in an unnamed suburbia; Henry Carter's knee-deep in Los Angeles, the narcissistic capital of the world."
As Carter, Spacey looks completely wasted, exactly how one imagines an alcoholic-pothead would appear. He declares, "I had to look like shit. We had a remarkable make-up department — because, clearly, I rarely look like shit." He laughs.

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