Grace Slick

The voice of Jefferson Airplane/Starship, Grace Slick is also an accomplished artist and a dedicated marijuana activist. Her exhibit, called ’420 Collection,’ featured art by Slick, who supports the efforts to end prohibition and ensure safe and legal access to medical cannabis, according to the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP).
(From The Wall Street Journal article by Marc Myers) 

What happened at the White House in the early '70s?
Tricia Nixon went to the same New York girls' finishing school [Finch College, now defunct] that I did, but 10 years later. When I attended, my maiden name was Wing. Tricia invited all the graduates, including me, to a White House tea party. Her people didn't know that Grace Wing was Grace Slick [her first husband was Jerry Slick]. So I called Abbie Hoffman and said, "Guess where we're going." I had planned to spike Richard Nixon's tea with acid. But when Abbie and I were on line, a security guard wouldn't let me in. He said, "We checked and you're a security risk."

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