Joan Rivers

Rivers smoked marijuana on her reality show earlier this year and said back in the day she smoked it with Betty White, George Carlin, Woody Allen and Bill Cosby.

Publicity stunt or whatever gets you through the night, Joan Rivers seemed to be smoking the KIND with her friend and surprised TV viewers Tuesday evening on her reality show Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best.

In the sequence Joan and her friend buy medicinal cannabis at a dispensary then spark and puff from a exotic pipe in the ca r.

Rivers quickly, almost too quickly to be believed, goes into giggles with her friend who isn't seen puffing at all. Then, as a poorly scripted  Cheech and Chong celluloid epic,  Joan has to call her Daughter to come and pick her up because they can't start the car, or was it already running. Funny, she never had to tell Melissa where she is stranded. Ah yes, Hollywood for Hollywood sake.

Melissa, obviously showing this is the extent of her acting ability and her career, plays to be not amused and acts upset saying, "My 78-year-old mother has now become 17, and I have become a soccer mom yelling at her teenage kid." (hey girl, your Mom is the talent in the family, put you in the 'lap of luxury' ..... you've done what?)

The scene ends on a happy note, duh, at the hot tub when all three woman, fully dressed,  are lost in giggles, bubbles and without a care.  It goes to show ya - need ratings, need to boost your career, get caught smoking pot, or say you're addicted and headed for the rehab.  Thats the way the 'world' turns in Hollywood.

(~; photos from Toke of the Town ;~)

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