Justin Bieber

Saturday, 05 January 2013 22:14
Mega pop star Justin Bieber has been hounded by rumors of marijuana use for the last few weeks. Now photos of him smoking a blunt have surfaced.

The 18-year old Canadian singer was partying with friends on Jan. 2 at a hotel room in Newport Beach, California when the pics, acquired by TMZ, were snapped. He's seen with a lit blunt roach in his left hand.

On Dec. 23, the Daily News quoted a source who said about Bieber, "He smokes weed all day, from the time he gets up, and orders everybody around. He’s surrounded by hangers-on who say yes to anything he wants. There’s no supervision."

A second source added, “Justin doesn’t seem to care and does whatever he wants. This could really damage his reputation if they don’t get it under control."

Just this week a paparazzi in Los Angeles was killed while chasing a Ferrari which he believed Bieber was driving. Photographer Chris Guerra contended that earlier in the day he saw Bieber smoking a pipe in the car. Guerra was struck by another vehicle as he pursued the Ferarri on foot.









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