Willie Nelson

 ~ Like Woody Harrelson, this dude is very successful and quite a 'hempster' in his own right. But unlike Woody, Willie seems to be more out front, and in your face about his cannabis consumption. Busted many times for pot possession, and counting, and is as almost as popular for his pot use and hemp activism, as he is for being a musician, song writer, poet and actor.
Willie Hugh Nelson (born April 30, 1933) started studying music from mail order material his grandparents gave him. He wrote his first song when he was seven, and joined his first band at nine years of age. During high school he joined the band Bohemian Fiddlers as their lead voice and guitar player. In 1950, after his graduation from high school, he joined the Air Force. However, he was discharged due to some back problems.
 ~ In 1980, president Jimmy Carter invited Nelson to perform a concert on the south lawn and first lady joined Nelson in a duet of Up Against the Wall Redneck Mother.  Nelson visits to the White House were frequent, and in his biography, Willie Nelson: An Epic Life, the secret service watched as he 'toked' on the roof of the White House, several times, which he nicknamed the "big fat Austin torpedo." ........now isn't that a wonderful protest?

 ~ In 2004, he and his wife Annie became partners with Bob and Kelly King to build two Pacific Bio-diesel plants, one in Salem Oregon, the other in Carl's Corner, Texas. And in 2005, Nelson and several other business partners formed Willie Nelson Biodiesel, other words known as 'Bio-Willie.' 

~ He's certainly a dude that won't let his age get in the way. He is co-chairman of NORML advisory board. He has been associated with NORML for many years and in 2005 Willie and his family and friends hosted the first annual 'NORML Benefit Golf Tournament.'  The benefit appeared in the January issue of High Times, where he also gave an interview.  In 2010, after he was busted, he formed the TeaPot Party that has 57,420 (must be a good omen) followers on his FaceBook..........go Willie !

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