Woody Harrelson

This dude deserves to be the first at CelebToker.  Great talent, a craftsman, and a pleasure to watch his characters come to life on screen. He is a success, and he's also one of the first, if not the first celeb to come out about the plight of hemp and where he stands. A 'Hempster' from sole to crown. Probably the only one to show-up at the Oscars in a tuxedo made of hemp. (pictured here with his wife Laura Louie) 
~ Woodrick Tracy "Woody" Harrelson  was born in Midland Texas. He is one of three sons to Diane Lou and Charles Harrelson. His father was arrested for killing a Federal Judge and died in prison. Woody's brush with the law took place on June 1, 1996 when he was arrested after he planted four hemp seeds in Lee County, Kentucky, to challenge the state law which did not distinguish between marijuana and industrial hemp. Woody won the case. Since 2003 he serves as a member on NORML advisory board. What a hempster ~ he guided a caravan, on his bike, with a hemp oil-fueled biodiesel bus for The Spitfire Agency for the independent documentary 'Go Further.'   

                  The dude narrated the documentary 'Grass' ~

 Woody briefly owned an 'Oxygen Bar' in west Hollywood called "O2"  He is a peace activist, no duh, and has often spoke publicly against war and the inhumanity toward man. The dude is also a vegan and on top of that a raw'foodist.'  In June of 2010 Woody was part of Soccer Aid to raise money for UNICEF. He played for 'The Rest of the World' team and scored the winning goal at a 2-2 draw.    

Woody joined the cast of 'Cheers' in 1985 for eight seasons till 1993. For his character 'Woody Boyd,' from Hanover, Indiana - a town where Woody attended college, he was nominated for five Emmys, then winning in 1989.  While still at the bar on 'Cheers,' Harrelson pursued his film career. His first movie was 'Wildcats' in 1986 with Goldie Hawn. 


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