Oliver Stone (stoned)

Oliver Stone followed Frances McDormand as the next Hollywood Celeb Toker to appear on the cover of High Times  magazine 'catchin one.' 

And from the looks of it, it was professionally rolled by the photo crew, unlike the one Frances had so many lighters to spark for her. Could it be the new editor there thought of this? Hopefully he will help sales, as well.

Stone-ed said he feels the same way Willie Nelson feels, "Grass is God's gift." He also said in his cover story that, in his view, California has surpassed others around the world in producing the best cannabis.

His new celluloid epic is titled 'Savages' and opens sometime in July. And from the looks and taste of the trailers, it seems to be a cross between 'Scarface' and 'Traffic.'  Stone-ed also lamented that he has been partaking of the kind herb, on and off again, since he was quite young.   "I'm thinking myself of getting into the MMJ business, although I suspect there'd be a lot of stress with the Feds changing the rules all the time. Those bastards!"










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